Illustration In Your Brand Identity

The power of illustration in your brand identity

Transform your brand: an original and versatile tool

With the help of illustration, you can add an ingredient to your brand or project that refreshes it, sets it apart, and keeps it up to date in your audience’s eyes.

Personalised illustration for your business

designer with experience in illustration can work more flexibly to build momentum and come up with new ways for your brand to stand out – incorporating illustration in your brand’s graphic design.

This can be really useful in the case of launch campaigns for new products or services, important adverts or announcements, or just to attract clients’ attention, highlighting the brand’s potential.

Identidad Visual para ONG Voluntaris Anonims
Illustrations for Voluntarios Anónimos, Catalonia

Renew your business's brand

Working with graphic illustration is a great option to incorporate a new style element that allows your business to refresh itself and reflect its essence at the same time.

You can make illustration a part of your visual identity in a whole range of ways – here are just a few:

  • Infographics: these allow you to ‘explain’ processes, results, statistics, or render the makeup of a product graphically.  For example, with an illustration you could explain a sales process, or website user registration.
  • Icons and doodles: the elements that accompany the text and structure of a design, these allow you to add an illustrated detail to your whole visual identity in an understated way. For example, they could be the bullet points in a list, lines or text dividers, arrows, picture frames, and so on.
  • Iconography: a dynamic addition, especially for websites or for creating catalogues and presentations.  These can help to represent business areas, types of services, or even create a unique, personal style on social media.
  • Covers: a huge plus for catalogues, web banners, blog posts, presentation files, and more.  They can be included for a specific campaign or even created to represent your brand identity as a whole and adapted to any kind of format.
Ilustrated restaurant menu for Crepería Tol, Tarragona

What to bear in mind when you're finding a graphic designer to illustrate for your business

    • Experience in brand identity and illustration: a designer with a foot in both camps will have a more global, integrated view of what you need for your business.  They’ll also be able to guide you as to the most suitable and useful style for what you need.

    • Exploring your brand’s message and concept: this kind of self-reflective work helps make creative processes focused and accurate, keeping your project’s foundations in mind.  (If you’d like to get to the bottom of your brand’s message, I’d suggest checking out my Creative Consultancies)

    • A style with designs that match up to your brand: if you hire a designer solely based on their technical capabilities, and don’t take a close look at their style, you might end up with results that don’t line up with the identity you’ve already built or that you want to communicate.  On the other hand, if you’ve made sure to look for a style you can identify with, you’ll find it much easier to meet in the middle and get the ideas flowing.

      A quick note:  a lot of us designers enjoy the challenge of creating designs that take us out of our comfort zone, but it’s important for clients to know that our work processes, technical abilities, and experience generally imply a certain style.  That’s why it’s worth having this in mind when it comes to hiring a designer.

Illustrated logo design: versions of the logo for Furgón Delicias.

A world of options

The huge range of artists and designers visible on social media today demonstrates how graphic design is changing – there are a lot of us with a story to tell, and any number of ways to tell that story.

In this ocean of images it can be hard to know where to start, and – as always – I’d say that’s why it’s important to ask ourselves a lot of questions.

But questions about what style of illustration is best for your brand or business will have to wait for a later post. 🌻

Illustration for your brand at a click

Want to know how it could work in your brand?

Illustration could be a real boost to your brand.  I have absolutely no doubt about that, given the new and varied options it gives (as I’ve described in this post) to connect with your ideal client in a more intimate, human way.

Get in touch and we can talk about how to incorporate this amazing tool in your brand identity.  Build your brand with illustrated design.

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