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Do you feel like no one understands your brand like you do and you struggle to delegate?

If you have a brand of the future, committed to creating a more sustainable world for everyone, with an ecological, social, or educational focus, we’re probably a match!

Do you feel like your visual identity isn’t connecting with your mission any more?

Building a visual identity can be overwhelming.  With the creative consultancies I’ll help you navigate all those difficulties and build a brand that’s relevant and distinctive for your audience.

If your brand has changed and it’s time for your visual identity to take the leap as well:

Tatiana Denise Ligorria Diseñadora Conceptual de Marcas Sostenibles

Discover the true visual potential of your brand,
transform your image and connect with your audience.

step by step on your schedule

A tailor-made experience

My Creative Consultancies are different. We’ll use practical exercises to work through the ideas you’d like to express in your project and give them direction.  Together, we’ll find ways to nourish your project with new opportunities and identify the key points we need to delve into.

Your input in the process is vital

The Consultancies are tailor-made, focused on your specific needs, and you’re supported throughout the process. 

We’ll create a space where you’ll participate at every step and be actively involved in the process.  Your opinion and contribution matter – the brand will be in your hands throughout.

A journey of reflection to connect with the essence of your project

Every entrepreneur needs a different process: working to develop the message of your brand means having real self-knowledge and asking yourself a lot of questions.  Some find they can conceptualise things very quickly, others feel they need more work when in comes to determining colours or forms.

By working through individual consultancies, I can devote myself completely to the individual needs of each person.  You’ll have a clear guide and focus to put into practice everything we learn about your brand.

What my clients say

reviews, testimonials, and success cases

“I’m delighted to write this review for my dear Tati.  Thanks to her, I was able to engage deeply with the values and identity of my brand and in everything I wanted to transmit to my artist clients via colour and image.  Our sessions together were an amazing journey.  Tati is extremely professional, warm, friendly, and always has great material prepared to get the most out of every session.  Her style is really special and I would recommend her services to any entrepreneurs who are looking for something different, something with personality, and who need depth and intimacy when improving their business.  Forever grateful.”

— Ana @coachingconana

“Working with Tatiana has been a unique experience, she has a lot of passion for her work and shares it with warmth, professionalism, and generosity.  We’ve been on an experiential journey through the moodboard and design of my brand for social media, and we’re still working together on my website.  Before meeting her, I had no idea of how much colours and images can speak without words.  Tatiana supported me with her intuition and understanding (well before me) of the most appropriate details to express what I want to communicate through my project, but gave me the space to fully experience the process, and respected my preferences.  I fully recommend Tatiana and her work.”

— Sonia  @sonia_aynimontessori

“I loved the experience of working with Calastai as I was able to get to know the true essence of my business thanks to the whole creative process we undertook.  Beyond that, Tati is a really perceptive, patient, and above all talented person.  I’m really happy with the final result.  Highly recommended!”

— Domenica

“The coaching service is excellent.  Tatiana is helping me to define and develop my professional artistic career and promote my ‘products’.  At the same time that I’m able to plan the future and take real steps towards it, I’m enjoying every day’s work even more.  100% motivation.”

— Soledad  @soly2copio

how do the creative consultancies work?

Working Online

Sessions are online via Meet, and each one lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Sessions are adapted to your schedule and needs, guaranteeing you a process that's comfortable and effective.

The Session

In each session we'll have a clear framework. Depending on the programme you choose it'll be divided into 3, 5, or 8 sessions. In these, we'll work through the creation of your brand both reflectively (giving space for creativity and insight) and actively to define its foundations.

Practical Exercises

You'll have between 4 and 7 days to complete the exercises we'll be undertaking between sessions. I'd recommend leaving period so you can take your time, and review and revise any decisions taken. If you're ever unsure or need to ask me anything, you can email me and I'll help you get unblocked.

Consultancy packages

Creative Boost

A package of individual sessions to work through creative blockages in your project.
In the Creative Boost we'll review and audit your project's design.


Essential Guide: 5 personalised sessions of Creative Consultancy to build a Moodboard that will give you a deep and authentic connection with your brand.

Graphic Universe

If you're looking for a consultancy where you can choose all the elements of your brand with the help of a professional designer, this is your PACKAGE!


Creative consultancy is for you if...

✦ You’re not sure what the most appropriate style for your brand is.

✦ You’re looking for a better way to explain to your designer or collaborators what you want to communicate with your brand.

✦ You’re an entrepreneur or creative looking for the visual universe that best represents your project.

✦ You want to connect your brand with its purpose or your dreams for your business.

✦ You want to be involved in the development and growth of your business and you’re looking to take part in the creative process of building your personal brand.

✦ You’re passionate about creativity, and ready to embark on a personalised, enriching process. 

✦  You want to learn creative techniques and methods to empower your brand.

✦  You’re committed to investing time and effort to develop a successful and authentic personal brand.

It's not for you if...

✦ You already have a clearly defined style and you want to design the brand without getting involved yourself (if so, we can get straight to work on your visual identity).

✦ You’re looking for something quick and generic without committing to a personalised process.

✦ You’re not up for participating actively in the creation of your personal brand.

✦ You don’t have time to invest in online sessions and self-reflection exercises.

In the words of people who’ve undertaken them, the Creative Consultancies are “an experiential process”.  They encourage creativity and imagination, and allow you to connect more deeply with what inspired you to create your project.

Still not sure?

I invite you to discover the power of a personal brand that’s authentic and aligned with your values and purpose!

Renew Your Visual Identity


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