10 Clear Signs It’s Time To Refresh Your Visual Identity

When should you do a brand redesign?

Did you know that your brand can have red flags as well?  That’s right, and they can tell you when it’s time to make a change and give your visual identity a facelift.

A redesign can have a huge impact on your brand’s direction and the creation of content that connects with your audience.  It’s important to know when it’s time to take that decision and start transforming your business’s graphic design.

So let’s take a look…

10 signs it's time to refresh your brand's graphic design

  1. You feel like you can’t connect to your brand.
    1. Not feeling like you personally identify with your brand identity can cause you to disconnect emotionally, leaving you feeling like you don’t want to work on it anymore.
    2. You might be using graphic elements you don’t feel a cultural connection with, so things don’t feel authentic to you.
    3. You could also feel like your brand doesn’t seem unique or original
  2. You don’t know how to use your brand guidelines.
    1. Maybe you have a brand style guide that’s hard to follow, doesn’t suit your needs, or is short on detail.
    2. Maybe you find yourself not following your brand manual, or you’re unfamiliar with it.
  3. Your values aren’t reflected in your brand image.
    1. That could be down to feeling like you don’t know how your values connect to the elements of your brand.
    2. Or maybe your current identity doesn’t support your brand’s message or values.
  4. Your audience isn’t grasping the core ideas you want to communicate.
    1. There’s an inaccurate perception of the brand’s aims, meaning you’re not attracting the audience you’re looking for.
    2. Maybe the brand design hasn’t really taken account of your ideal client profile, and that means you’re not attracting your target audience.
  5. Your brand isn’t well adapted to every setting.
    1. It could be hard to change, not versatile enough, or out of date for some platforms or environments.
      For instance, maybe your social media design doesn’t work for your web design, or your logo design doesn’t fit for vertical designs (posters, banners, etc.).
    2. Maybe you hadn’t thought of these options when you created your visual identity, or you don’t have the resources for a dynamic business climate.
  6. You have elements that aren’t contributing to your current communications.
    1. Simply put, your brand is out of date and it’s losing relevance.
    2. That could also be affecting your communications – creating a confused and confusing message.
  7. Visual elements are lacking coherence.
    1. Maybe the elements of your brand design don’t sit well together.
    2. Or maybe they’re disconnected from your main visual universe.
    3. That can cause a lack of visual coherence between different points of contact – you look at the web design and the weekly newsletter and it seems like you’re looking at different brands.
  8. You feel like the competition is ahead of you visually.
    1. The competition is evolving visually and their brand design is standing out, highlighting the need for change.
  9. You feel creatively stuck.
    1. Lack of innovation and creativity in your visual identity is making you feel stuck.
    2. This can come to the fore when you’re creating content, or new designs for marketing campaigns.
  10. You feel you’re not managing to connect to your audience.
    1. There’s a lack of emotional resonance and connection between the design of your visual identity and the intended audience.

it's time for a visual refresh

If you feel like any of these issues are appearing in your brand, it might be time to think about updating aspects of it, giving it a visual refresh, or even thinking about a brand redesign.

A visual identity aligned with your current goals and messages can give you the connection you need with your brand, and will be a great engine for the new journey you’re embarking on.

Is your brand in a moment of transformation?

If you realise your brand needs a change we can share a creative consultancy to take a closer look at how to update your visual identity design. 

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