Graphic Design Services

To set your brand apart, you need to communicate all the value your business offers skillfully and transparently.

You need a visual framework for your brand identity.
If you’re ready to simplify your graphic design and communication needs: let’s talk!

  • Logo Design
  • Fonts
  • Colour Palette
  • Icons and Doodles
  • Patterns and Textures
  • Image Styles
  • Illustrations
  • Brand Guidelines 
  • Brand Board

Do you want to see the content of your book reflected in its cover and layout?

Book design that speaks to and connects with the audience.  Visually striking covers which stand out in bookshops and ebook stores.

  • Collection Design
  • Book Design
  • Cover and Jacket Design
  • Ebook Design
  • Digital and Hand Illustration
  • Infographics and Graphics
  • Comprehensive Layout
  • Prepress
  • Self Publishing on Amazon KDP

The online home of your brand: a meeting point for all the essential content that social media scatters.

We’ll design a website that’s completely personalised: fast, flexible, and responsive. A clear and visually stunning map of your brand where your ideal client will want to stay.

  • Professional web design
  • 100% personalised design structure
  • Responsive website
  • Self managed site using WordPress 
  • Search engine optimisation
  • UI/UX: user interface and experience design
  • Animations and graphic effects
  • Optional: server and hosting

An intimate and human connection with your audience. Boost your business with illustration: in your brand or your marketing.

We’ll bring together illustration and graphic design, creating unique pieces that put a distinctive, original mark on your brand and set it apart from your competitors.

  • Pattern and texture design
  • Product and merchandising design
  • Extended and exclusive product licences
  • Graphic and infographic illustration
  • Diverse graphic styles
  • Digital and hand drawn illustration
  • Character illustration

Do you feel like no one understands your brand like you do, and you struggle to delegate?

In our consultancy sessions, I’ll help you to create a brand that’s relevant and distinctive for your audience.

  • 1-1 Face to Face Sessions
  • Brand Concept
  • Message
  • Core Values
  • Storytelling
  • Tone and Voice
  • Naming
  • Final Moodboard


An experiential journey through the moodboard and design of my brand for social media, and we’re still working together on my website.  Images can speak without words, and Tatiana has helped me to recognise the appropriate details to express what I want to communicate.” 

Sonia Cortello.

Tatiana is excellent at organising ideas and giving clarity to the value and identity of the brand.  Her work goes beyond execution, it deepens and ensures you take part in the creative process, which means you feel involved with your image and never lose your way in the process.

Annel Vare.

I loved the experience as I was able to get to know the true essence of my business thanks to the whole creative process we undertook.” 

 Domenica Rovayo, Naturi.

Thanks to Calastai, I was able to engage deeply with the values and identity of my brand and in everything I wanted to transmit to my artist clients via colour and image.  I would recommend her services to any entrepreneurs who are looking for something different, something with personality, and who need depth and intimacy when improving their business.

Ana Barrera, Coaching con Ana.

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