Is Your Brand Ready For 2024?

December is here already, and I can’t stop asking myself where this year has gone!  It absolutely flew past… 🫣🎢

Closing the year as a graphic designer in London involves a lot of admin – as they say here in the UK – a new word I learned a little while ago which keeps going round in my head. It means doing all those administrative jobs that force us to get organised: at home, in life, in our projects, with our brands. ✓ Pausing on that last point, if you’re anything like me it means reviewing and reflecting on the impact your brand has had in the last year.

One thing’s for sure, to know how to start the next year, it’s important to know how we’re ending this year: the famous balance sheet.👁️

When I talk about a balance sheet, I really mean just taking a completely pragmatic look at how business has gone recently📈🧐 We can talk about numbers, clients and audience, content, events, services that are on fire as well as the ones that haven’t done as well…  👀

But… What about your brand image?  Is it still up to date?  Is it in need of a change?

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Reviewing your brand identity, you can run a check ✓ on how your project is ticking over, the progress of your goals, and the journey you’ve been on in 2023.

Here are a few questions I like to ask myself:

⭐️ Am I reflecting my brand values in my visual identity?

⭐️ How is my brand strategy resonating on social media and with my audience?

⭐️ Is all the content I produce visually coherent?  Is it interconnected?

Right now I recommend doing a visual audit of your brand – putting your identity under the miscroscope. 🦋🔍

To help you with that process, I’ve put together a tool that’s an absolute gem and will help you audit your personal brand and discover 💎 key actions for 2024. 💎

audit your brand image

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