How to make a moodboard for your personal brand (Skillshare)

Creating an inspiration board to define the graphic and conceptual universe of your personal brand can be quite a challenge. In this skillshare course I explain step by step how you can create a moodboard for your personal brand with surprising and authentic results.

The Skillshare course on «How to make a moodboard for your personal brand» is here. After many comings and goings (and reviewing the audio, the montages, etc. many times) I have published my first course on this platform that I had wanted for a while.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online course platform where you can find different “How to” (“How to do…”) in many varied disciplines. At first it was mainly full of creative courses, but in recent times the content has started to vary a lot and the content of courses in Spanish has also expanded!

The interesting thing about Skillshare, unlike other websites of the same style, is that you can access all the courses on the platform with just paying an annual subscription.

Here is a link to try it for a month completely free:

The new course in Skillshare: Moodboarding

As a way to organize the moodboard course focused on personal branding, Skillshare seemed like a great tool to publish it, since it easily allows you to have a portfolio of moodboards on hand to share in the community, and even have access to download resources and better organization of lessons.

I am updating the different lessons or even adding content to be able to monitor and improve them.

What’s new?

For those who have seen the video «How to make a Moodboard for your IG profile» on YouTube, they will wonder what they can find new in this course.

The idea was to be able to expand this talk that was the result of an online Workshop with the aim of creating a moodboard for a professional Instagram profile, ordering and systematizing all the lessons in a more efficient way.

In the Skillshare course you will find:

  • A course with more organized lessons
  • The brainstorming process and selection of the main topic and keywords are included.
  • Concepts of design and significance of images
  • A detailed guide on how to use Pinterest for image search.
  • Free resources for creating a digital moodboard
  • The “How to make a Moodboard with…. Photoshop” (with computer) and with “…Procreate” (IpadPro).
  • Among other…

How to access the course

In order to start taking the course, you can access the following link and get a completely free month with your first subscription:

If you do not want to subscribe you can also see it and then unsubscribe.

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