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[ My latest work ]

Do you have a project that is just starting or a brand you want to give a twist to?
Calastai's proposal is to give a conceptual approach to your brand, which communicates and transmits the values from naming to visual identity, creating its own universe through the fusion of illustration and graphic design, giving your brand a unique and original differentiator.
These are the latest designs I have worked on... Click on the projects to see more details!

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I have three BrandPacks that can be adapted to the requirements of your business and that will give you all the visual identity tools you need to launch your project both online and physically. Also if you wish you can include as a plus, the design of your web page . Choose yours:

divisor calastai diseño


In search of continuous creative expansion...

Hello! My name is Tatiana Ligorria, I am freelance graphic designer , illustrator at Tutstitat and founder of Calastai Estudio , based in Tarragona , and working with clients from Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires and all over the world. Active since 2010, the studio was born in Buenos Aires and comes to Spain to expand the horizons and challenges in terms of design, with new proposals and always up to date with the latest trends in Graphic Design and Digital Media.

With extensive experience in project management and a special focus on brand design and communicational identity of artistic projects, the studio is made up of different freelancers who cover the main graphic areas required to create a complete, functional brand that is better prepared to enter the market and differentiate itself from the competition.

Do you have a project in progress? Get to know me and tell me more ...
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